BCPN Travel Awards

Jun 1, 2018
Category: General
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Travel awards to attend proteomics conferences/workshops are available up to a limit of $750/student. 

  • In order to qualify for a BCPN travel award, the applicant must either be a student permanently enrolled in a degree program at an academic institution in BC or a postdoctoral fellow permanently employed by an academic institution in BC and within 3 years of having completed a Ph.D.

  • Recipients of a BCPN travel award will be required to submit an abstract for the conference.

  • The travel award is intended to be a partial reimbursement of travel costs and will be reimbursed after the conference.  Allowable expenses under this program include transportation, accommodation and registration fees.

  • Applications for travel awards will be accepted until September 30, 2018 for a conference/workshop that will take place before the end of November 2018.

To apply for a travel award, please submit a one paragraph justification explaining how much funding you are applying for (up to $750) and the benefits of attending this conference and how it is relevant to your research.  Also attach the abstract that you have submitted for the conference. Please send  to bcpn(at)