The following selected papers have been published by BCPN investigators.

Follow this link to find publications from the UVic Genome BC Proteomics Centre.

The Human Proteome Organization Chromosome 6 Consortium: Integrating chromosome-centric and biology/disease driven strategies  Borchers et al., J. Proteomics 2014

Neisseria gonorrhoeae-derived heptose elicits an innate immune response and drives HIV-1 expression Malott et al., PNAS 2013

Plasma proteomics can discriminate isolated early from dual responses in asthmatic individuals undergoing an allergen inhalation challenge Singh et al., Proteomics Clin. Appl. 2012

Nanodiscs and SILAC-Based Mass Spectrometry to Identify a Membrane Protein Interactome Zhang et al., J. Proteome Res 2012

Proteomic Characterization of Aggregating Proteins after the Inhibition of the Ubiquitin Proteasome System Wilde et al., J. Prot. Res. 2011

TP0326, a β-Barrel Assembly Machinery A (BamA) Ortholog and Treponema pallidum rare outer membrane protein Desrosiers et al., Mol Microbiol. 2011

Leishmania Exosomes Modulate Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses through Effects on Monocytes and Dendritic Cells Silverman et al., J. Immunol. 2010

An Integrated Global Strategy for Cell Lysis, Fractionation, Enrichment and Mass Spectrometric Analysis of Phosphorylated Peptides Rogers et al., Molecular Biosystems 2010

PSORTb 3.0: Improved Protein Subcellular Localization Prediction with Refined Localization Subcategories and Predictive Capabilities for all Prokaryotes Yu et al., Bioinformatics 2010

An Exosome-based Secretion Pathway is Responsible for Protein Export from Leishmania and Communication with Macrophages Silverman et al., Journal of Cell Science 2010

A Statistics-based Platform for Quantitative N-terminome Analysis and Identification of Protease Cleavage Products auf dem Keller et al., Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 2010

Proteome-wide analysis of protein carboxy termini: C terminomics Schilling et al., Nature Methods 2010

Isotopic Labeling of Terminal Amines in Complex Samples Identifies Protein N-termini and Protease Cleavage Products Kleifeld et al., Nature Biotechnology 2010

Multiplex N-terminome Analysis of MMP-2 and MMP-9 Substrate Degradomes by iTRAQ-TAILS Quantitative Proteomics Prudova et al., Molecular and Cellular Proteomics 2010